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Why join Save the Day Seasonings?

- Our seasonings are easy to sell. They are not gender-specific and highly consumable!

- New and improved compensation plan is easy to understand and pays out early.

- "Power of 3" system locks in your bonuses, easy to share and duplicatable!

- Customized Career Path You decide how much you want to make, and we help you create a path to achieve your goals.

- 1 on 1 Business Coaching to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to succeed.

- Profitability Promise - Our target is that you are profitable within the first 6 months.

- Powerful Tools - Maximize comp plan by plugging in numbers in our "Profit Calculator" to forecast profits.

- Fast Start Awards, Multiple Bonuses, Recognition Points, Incentive Trips

- We have a "Preferred Customer" program where products can be auto-shipped and you can earn product credit.

- The first 500 active consultants can be eligible for our "Profit Sharing" program, as long as they remain active.

- 1 % of sales goes to help fund the Save the Day Society, which aims to support people in need to help prevent tragedy

- Ground floor opportunity with a company, with less than 100 consultants, that becomes your second family!

- It just feels good helping people cook easier, healthier and tastier meals!

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Ways to earn profits:

Personal Earning Opportunities

  • 30% base commissions on all personal sales
  • Personal Sales Volume (PSV) Bonus -  $50-$350 every 3 months
  • Rank Achievement Bonus -  $50-$2500 every 6 months
  • Loyal to the Core Bonus - $250 every 6 months

Team Earning Opportunities

  • Earn 1% to 5% on all team sales up to 7 tiers down
  • Active Leg Bonus - $50-$200 every 3 months
  • Team Success Bonus -  $50-$1000 every 3 months
  • Power of 3 Bonus - $50-$500 every 3 months (repeatable unlimited times in that period)


"I love that there is not a huge sales goal that you have to make each month so that I can not worry about deactivating if I need to take a month off from sales."

Kristie wilson

"I was able to pay off a year-old medical bill thanks to the income earned in one month. It sure took a weight off my husband's shoulders and felt empowering knowing my income potential didn't lie in someone else's hands."

Amanda Ricks

"Aside from an excellent healthy product and great compensation plan, I love having a way of reaching my goal of spending more time with  my family and working towards financial freedom."

                                                                                                                  michael todd

Help others eat easier, healthier and tastier meals and bring family's back to the dinner table!

Business Starter Packs are $195. The only requirement to stay "active" is that your personal sales total $300 within 3 months time.

 We want you to join us in helping make "What's for dinner?", their favorite question!

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